Reasons To Switch Your Mobile Plan

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Many telco users frequently wonder if their current mobile plans are actually giving them the best value for money. To ensure that we are getting the bang for our buck, we have to truly know the plans we are subscribed to in terms of the data bundles, speed, calls, and rates. We must also gauge our monthly usage so that we do not end up paying for services that we do not utilise.

Prepaid users who usually end up paying higher monthly and pay-per-use charges also consider upgrading to postpaid plans. Whether you are a prepaid or postpaid user, if you face some of the following situations, it may be a sign that your current plan is not ideal, and a plan change may be just the thing you need!

Always Running Out of Data

As you’re deep into streaming your favourite TV shows or looping your favourite playlists, a notification about your mobile data consumption pops up. It warns you of the little remaining data quota. When you let the data run out, you find yourself subscribing to additional data boosters or pay-per-use at much higher rates.

Sounds familiar? Frequent insufficient mobile data is a significant indicator that your current mobile plan isn’t exactly working for you. Moreover, people need a generous amount of data daily for more reasons than streaming music or videos. You may need to navigate through a GPS app as you drive to an unfamiliar destination. Virtual meetings and conference calls are also more common now than ever before.


The new norm comes with new ways of life that we have to live by. As more and more activities are being digitised, our data consumption is increasing and having sufficient data is important to get us going. If you find yourself in the scenarios mentioned above, then searching for a better mobile plan will be the smart thing to do.

Poor Network Connectivity

Connectivity is always a priority when it comes to selecting a network provider. Some consumers are enticed by the cheap prices offered by certain telcos, but they later regret when they discover that the network coverage is minimal. Having enough data is one thing, but using it when we want to is another thing. Imagine going to an unfamiliar place and being unable to communicate just when we need it the most.

Although telco providers often upgrade their connectivity coverage, limited resources may cause them to take time to improve their coverage. This is especially so if we are located in less-developed areas. So, if we find ourselves constantly searching for reception and faced with a poor data connection, don’t wait for change; make the change!

Expensive Monthly Bills

Headaches always ensue when it comes that time of the month. Yes, when the bills are due! Your mobile plan is likely to be one of your higher monthly expenses, and many people put little thought into it as it has become a routine to pay when the bill arrives. Your mobile plan shouldn’t be one of your financial burdens, considering the plentiful options available for you with a variety of monthly commitments. We should know what we need and then determine which plans are most suited for us.

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