The Ingredients That Make MILO® Good For You

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MILO® NESTLÉ has been a staple energy drink among many Malaysians. Many of us have fond childhood memories of growing up having a mug of hot MILO® for breakfast prepared just for us before school. The drink filled with sweet chocolate goodness is what keeps us going throughout the day.

But what makes MILO® such a nourishing drink? Here are three critical ingredients in MILO® that make it ideal for many Malaysians to stay active and lively in their daily routines.


Milk is a significant component in MILO® to provide you with a good pack of nutrients for your body. Since milk is a natural source of nutrition for newborns, it is rich in beneficial nutrients that are equally useful to you.

A cup of milk alone is rich in calcium, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants. It is also filled with quality protein that is pertinent to your growth and development. With all these benefits combined, many parents choose MILO® as a way to provide the best nutrients of milk to their growing children.

Milo MY


Apart from milk, MILO® is also enriched with cocoa that lends its signature chocolate flavours. The addition of cocoa in MILO® is what makes the drinks so favoured among children, especially for picky eaters who will refuse a plain glass of milk every morning.

But the addition of cocoa in MILO® does not only function as a flavour enhancer. Cocoa is rich in nutrients like polyphenols that can help reduce inflammation and the risk of high blood pressure. Cocoa also contains flavanols that maintain the nitric oxide levels in our blood, thus improving our blood flow.

Malt barley

Malt barley is also another key ingredient in MILO® to supply your kids with the boost of energy they need to focus on throughout their day. Malt barley contains energy-boosting properties similar to the cup of coffee we consume every morning.

However, malt barley does not contain caffeine, and this is very useful for young children. Experts have shown that providing caffeine to young children can negatively affect them due to its dose-response effect. Therefore, MILO® makes a good choice of energy drinks to be given to your little ones.

Get the power out of these three ingredients from MILO®. To learn more, visit their website at now.

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